Thunderstorm Tea

Spicey, nurturing, slicer through heat teaI am a-mused by concocting teas.  It’s a true pleasure of mine.  When I’m not a preoccupied chicken-with-her-head-cut off-tired- from-work-and-heat- and-in-need-0-refreshment-FAST, I savor tea blending time.  Standing on my tippy toes to reach the 2 quart jars, checking their freshness, opening jars of stored sunshine and earth, taking in the wafts of summer, spring, and seasonal riches, I consider my heartspace and drinking options.

On my organized or laid back mornings, I playfully concoct the brew or brews for the day in the morning under the influence of the weather and my current health news or cycles.   It is a sacred act, the art and science to designing libations from the earth, I am just realizing.

I am not stingy with my herbs to water ratio though I have been known to side on the more-than-less fence-line.  The tea has to have taste, confidence, beauty, and quenching qualities (and harvesting, drying and processing is a labor of love, after-all).  If I want to, I’d like enough flavor to add a few ice cubes to chill the sun tea from scalding to easy-sipping.   Here are a few of my recent and delicious herbal drinks on the fly.

Jazz Unwind – Rose water, peach decaf green tea, licorice bark.

Thunderstorm Tea – (Pictured) Staghorn sumac, licorice, nettles, motherwort, cardamom, thunderstorm calling from the high celestial plains.

Soothe the Pitta: Chilled nettles infusion (drink until empty and add more water for another 1 to 2 rinses).

Nettles paired with licorice, flirting with monarda, a dash of mint and honey to celebrate the sunset!

And when I can’t think of one to make:

Water and elderberry syrup.  Yum.

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