Keri, why are you drawn to unify Women’s empowerment, sisterhood re-wiring, singing songs, food as medicine, and the tenants of Nature?

Keri, what is the Radiant Woman Toolkit?

CanopyAs I thought about the Radiant Woman Toolkit Workshop, I realized that I had answers within me that needed to come out. In order to ignite my inspiration I started asking myself questions about the workshop and the work that I’m doing on this planet. This is the exercise that formed out of that. There’s a larger connection that we all are meant to tap into, there are different ways to experience it.

Keri, why are you drawn to unify Women’s empowerment, sisterhood re-wiring, singing songs, food as medicine, and the tenants of Nature?

I am a seeker of connections and eternally curious.  I love to feel efficient, effective, wise and comforted that my actions benefit others.  I am committed to emotional adventures, to find my “yes”, and to stay open in my heart. I feel my best when my work serves the collective, and I seize opportunities to contribute my voice to heal this gorgeous planet. I love to sing and hold a sacred container for practicing earth-based and emotional life skills, to take risks and stretch my vulnerability and communication skills, and to be a bridge for women and girls in their self-discovery and transformation.

I have taught Permaculture for 5 years in Nicaragua, Atlanta, Vermont and Asheville, NC.  Through my permaculture design and education business, Healing Roots Design, I use Permaculture principles as the lens, a guide to mimic the patterns and relationships we can abundantly source in nature to create regenerative and self-sustaining systems.  Through observation, non-judgment, out-of-the-box creative and critical thinking, we use closed loop systems to maximize resources. By doing this we can produce multiple yields in a small space, build redundancy for essential functions, and work where it counts.

Through maintaining a compost pile, extending the growing season, constructing rainwater catchment systems, and putting structure to our design relationships, I have been deeply humbled by clients and students I have interacted with. These clients and students have applied these principles and nature connections to their gardens and backyards,and have experienced greater ease, efficiency and harmony with themselves, their world, and their relationship to the Whole.

Maidenhair FernOver the 12 years I have danced with Permaculture, these principles have informed a re-examination and release of BIG cultural attachments that impeded my self-confidence, self-expression, and earth-guided wisdom.  By embracing the meta patterns that flow in and around us all the time, I have honed my human instrument and subsequently found it easier to activate my light in the world.  I am deeply grateful to be in the remembrance of Nature’s time, one that compels me to slow down, take a look at patterns that enhance or decrease my quality of life, build co-creative networks of sharing that engender greater stability, resource sharing, interdependence and are elegant by default.

The role of deep nature connection, personal practice and community engagement is essential to cultivating a vibrant and fertile ecosystem for people and planet.  At a time where humans stand at a threshold, a compelling question steadily inhabits my mind and heart as a conscious citizen of the planet. How can we design a life that feels compelling and contributes powerfully to the transformation and ecological and social healing of our world?  It starts with us, our capacity to contribute to our own lives, and experience Nature as teacher.

I behold you Beautiful One

I behold you child of the Earth and Sun

Let my love wash over you.

Let my love wash over you.

Songs like these, both simple and elegant, remind me of the metta power within me, my own personal strength, and my relationship to the larger love not bounded by my thoughts and judgment. These songs are a healing salve to the heart. I believe in the power of sharing these songs, which helps us embrace the whole, seek unity, restore balance, and contribute to our sense of well-being, grandness and truth.

Through song, sisterhood, self-expression, herbal medicine, and learning and modeling the efficient and elegant flows of nature, the Radiant Woman Toolkit gathers women to witness each-other unconditionally, examine and let go of self-limiting beliefs of our mind and cultural programming, and nudge ourselves into a natural sync where ease, flow, harmony, and expression can thrive.

Seach for the heart in everything.We will explore and expand these topics of permaculture, herbal medicine, communication, and song to expand the human heart and our purpose this Tuesday, February 24th, and a weekend retreat February 28 and March 1st.  Both classes are held at Asheville Women’s Wellness and Education Center.  Please share with your friends, and I’ll sit with you soon in this dynamic and transformative time to let your inner nature out!


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