Early spring Zone 0 musings: My Fore with Observe and Interact Permaculture principle #1

The world spins faster these days.  Can you feel it?  Like the first buds reaching into their sugar stores underground and with the renewed strength of sunlight, the alive Earth responds to stimulus. I saw my first grasshoppers emerge in the garden.  The first swollen apple and fig buds prepare for the opportune time to burst.  The alder’s maroon catkins wave in the breeze kissing the chilled water, the first jonquils dot the landscape with their cheery yellow disposition and I bring them inside to warm the house and my spirit.  I participate in the upward orienting energy by sowing the first round of seed trays and I await their emergence poking through the germinating mix.

As I am a natural part of the ecosystem, I feel the shift in my body and my mind.  With an allegiance to the permaculture principle of Observe and Interact, I write in my journal of my inner landscape process without judgement, seeing what it is, and take long woodland walks with friends to check out my neighborhood, catching a glimpse of the spring ephemerals emerging along the trail.  I observe both the pattern language of the natural world waking up after winter and my emerging thoughts and feelings.  I value a genuine connection with myself and the world outside of me without judgement, holding off on fixing the feeling within or the landscape. This gives me useful information when it’s time to move forward in the design process of my life, my friendships, and my co-created landscapes.  I feel thankful for how the lens of permaculture has been absorbed into my life design and fostered collaborative service to the world.  I am grateful for winter and the emerging question:  How to I preserve the silence of winter, the drawing in of my spirit taking inventory as spring heralds her arrival?

Under the surface of the still water warming up from the hibernation of winter, it’s a chaotic place. The seed catalogs offer shiny promise of abundant and bright mosaics for my client’s gardens.  The Fruit and Nut club has already met three times to steward the local edible parks in my community.  In my inbox, local organizations tempt me to collaborate on new community garden spaces, assist them with fertile place-making so that others can experience nature connection, vitality and abundant harvests.  March’s schedule is booking up.  So much forward motion and I resist.  I long to feel the sunlight warm my skin, linger in the presence of the moment illuminated, and prompt myself to hold the fertile lessons of hibernation time as I feel the return of the springtime business.

As February exits, I sense a return to community responsibilities and feel the potency and resolve to manifest my work in the world through my journaling and thoughtful reflection. How do I live in the moment when the emerging moments demand more of myself, my time, my love?  How do I, as a mindful being, hold onto winter’s gifts of self-reflection and respite, while tuning to the appeals of a new season?  Through observation and interaction, I can hold myself in integrity and authenticity remembering I have the opportunity every moment to view elements inside and outside of me as whole, alive, and connected.  To honor what is. To connect to these sensations and feel its fleeting impermanence.  All in a moment’s perfect design, I am tending to my inner garden, my Zone 0, and savoring every moment as is, while it lasts.

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