Ecological Design

“Keri is a pleasure to work with.  She is honest, reliable, and a really good and respectful listener. She had some great questions in the first interview which revealed to me what I wanted from my yard, but didn’t think was possible. I’ve been very happy with creative approach and ideas she had for how to achieve my goals.
She has that rare combination of being steeped in permaculture and native edibles, but also with knowledge of non-natives and a willingness to work with them and to research as needed to find solutions to very tough challenges. This has transformed my yard to something I’m really happy with: an oasis of easy-care beauty in color and architecture and edibles.”
Meg Mac Leod, Asheville, NC

Keri has been a wonderful guide to me as I start a DIY project to design/build a low maintenance, drought-tolerant landscape incorporating edibles and medicinals on my Piedmont property.  Keri’s vast knowledge of permaculture, and passion for regenerative landscaping has been a perfect match for devising practical solutions to improve the fertility of my compacted, clay soil.  Over the course of several consulting sessions, Keri provided me with information and resources to develop a vision and strategy for my landscape, resulting in a variety of activities for implementation.  Keri’s gentle, motivational coaching helped me learn a lot about my land through research and mapping assignments.  Her ideas, gained from years of hands-on experience and learning, have brought my food-growing into harmony with the habitat I share with a variety of wildlife.  Keri, thank you for the important work you do connecting people to their land!”

Candice Abinanti, Charlotte, NC

“Thank you Keri and Healing Roots Design for your amazing coordination and manifestation of the edible and medicinal landscape at the Ashevillage Institute demonstration site.”

Janell Kapoor, Founder and Sustainability Strategist, Ashevillage Institute

“I have worked with Keri for the last two years developing an old homestead in Madison County. I am a part-time residence of North Carolina and we often Skype for our weekly discussions. Keri has helped us incorporate the ideas of permaculture into our vision for the land, facilitated the design process and helped us with various installations. She has exposed us to a wealth of information and it has been a pleasure to work with her.”

Patricia Goelz, Madison County, NC


“Your consultation was thorough, informative, excellent, and went deeper than I had expected.  You were refreshingly grounded and directed in your approach, and I felt a weight was taken off my shoulders, and I had been enlightened. In short, you are great at what you do!! Class on blending herbs culmination

Meghan Ganser, West Asheville, NC

“As I headed into Keri’s home office I was amazed by how her own flower garden surpassed that of just about everyone — g iven the ti me of year (early November) when just about everything looks awful from the cold and frost.  She told me the simple things she had done weeks ago that revived the plants and she even gladly gave me some seeds to plant in a new garden area I am working on.  Keri practices what she preaches and spreads her wealth of knowledge and experience as well as her love of what she does like seeds all around her.  I hope you can be a benefactor like me!”

Raye Rufty, Asheville, NC


“There are many reasons to choose one contractor over another in any particular field of work, but I chose Keri Evjy because of her integrity and values. She is professional, knowledgeable, creative and inspiring. She is building the world she wishes to see, and I’d like my home to be part of that world. She is a joy to work with and we are blessed to have her in Asheville. I highly recommend Healing Roots Design to anyone who wishes to transform their landscape into a beacon of beauty and wisdom.”

Karin Petersen, Family Counselor &  Director of Little Forest School Asheville, NC

“Keri Evjy and her assembled staffers at Healing Roots Design are goddesses in the garden.  Our nondescript, barren, suburban lawn under her magical tutelage and vision has been transformed into a lush and visually stunning landscape.  It features native plants, medicinals & herbs, vibrant colors, and seasonal variation requiring minimal maintenance.   She has designed and installed permaculture structures to support my wife’s vegetable garden.  Then too, where else does a homeowner go to hire landscapers and gardeners who occasionally sing as they work?”

George Peery, Asheville, NC.


Dear Keri,
Thank you so much for finding the time to teach another engaging class on our relationship to plants. Your gentle and intuitive ways are grounding and absolutely enhance the learning experience. Thank you for sharing your creative personification of the plants to help us understand the material on a deeper level.  Thanks again and keep spreading your good seeds.
Peace & carrots, Stacey Murphy, Urban Farm School

Good afternoon phyto-friend,
Thank you for an absolutely marvelous ecological garden/first-aid herb session. Your work was inspiring to see in person, and your tips on herbal first aid are totally practical. You make incorporating plants into the everyday life seem all the more doable.
And on the larger scale, thank you for helping our dreams blossom by your living example. Keep being inspired and inspiring!
Many thanks and we hope to see you again.
Eileen, Urban Farm School.

Herbal Medicine

Keri’s elderberry syrup is amazing!  My son is in Kindergarten and it’s common for school kids to get sick and “share” infectious illneMaking Elderberry Syrupsses with their families. We now use the syrup at the first sign of infection in t he classroom, and I know it’s helped keep us healthy. What’s also remarkable about Keri’s syrup – besides the awesome health benefits – is that it’s so tasty. My young son usually refuses supplements, but he loves this one!”


Stacey Curnow, CNM, MSN, Asheville, NC


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