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Grow and harvest, and learn to use nutritional food and herbs where you live each season (yes, winter included).
Use eco-savvy techniques that conserve time, money, and nature’s resources.
Enhance (your) nature with an ecological landscape designed to support your health goals and budget.

  • Ecological and Vital Garden DESIGN SERVICES
  • CONSULTATION: Ecological Landscape Design and Herbal Consultations
  • TEACHING: Permaculture, Herbal Medicine, Incorporating resilience and harvest in our human-sculpted landscapes.

 Design Components

Each design step builds on the previous.  Services can be purchased a la carte (in sequence) or bundled in Broad Brush Design or Flow Design. Bountiful backyard


Goal Articulation

Site Analysis and Assessment Summary

Master Plan

Zones of Use Map

Master Plant List

Expense Sheet

Healing Roots Design works closely with the client’s needs and may contain a phased time-line, patch designs of ecological niches in the landscape, successional rotation schemes, and options for phasing installation.

Initial Consultation:We walk the property and botanically identify the plants and animal species of the site.  We sift through your thoughts, visions, goals, level of desired participation in the site and any noticeable design challenges, as well as discuss available financial, community, and biological resources, desired plants, and answer garden and permaculture questions.

This cost is waived when signing up for a complete design package with Healing Roots Design.

Building on discoveries from the Initial Consultation, optional herbal intake informs plant selection for the combined health of the human and earthly occupants, the culminating observations of the site and synthesized concepts are compiled into a Goals Summary and Site Analysis and Assessment Summary. We note design challenges, discuss design opportunities and sort through intrinsic ecological design considerations relating to water, energy use, micro-climates, soils, and circulation of materials and people around the site.  The result is the beginning of the collaborative review and feedback preparing for the design creation  and design concept phase.  We leverage smart and and systems-based ecological design in alignment with the client’s stated goals.  The culmination of observed and researched findings is presented to the client as a presentation of the Complete Ecological Design Concept.

Plums ready to thin!We use a variety of ecological tools to bring the design to life.  The design informs and creates ecological systems that will benefit people and nature working with time-tested bio-regional, indigenous wisdom and appropriate technology techniques.  Our designs leave room for global climate change fluctuations.


Ready to install an edible and medicinal landscape or permaculture project and need to some guidance to ensure a secure footing?  Healing Roots Design offers this paring of services to provide structure in the information gathering process, focusing the client’s objectives with their unique constraints and opportunities and galvanizing working where it counts*.

*This program is perfect for enthusiastic self-starters and folks with time and curiosity to know their home.  All abilities and capabilities welcome.


  • Site consultation & initial client interview yielding focused download of client’s priorities, constraints, budget, level of self-reliance, history of land, weather patterns, etc.
  • Resources Download:  Intelligent and wise web and print recommendations for landscape analysis, soil conservation, eco-forestry, herbal medicine, erosion control, seed saving, small animals, educational opportunities in our community, and any specific resource you need to work through to the design concept.
  • 3 open hours of consultation time to address individual and site needs.



Healing Roots Design is happy to supply quotes for a specific project.  We would love to share our knowledge and execute an ecological, medicinal and/or permaculture installation.  Please connect with us.


At regular (seasonal) intervals, we can come for a visit to ensure the systems are healthy and productive, the pruning is kept up, and observe the building relationships between the establishing plants and the land.   We collaborate with arborists and specialists to prune, graft, check for species health and vitality, and refer back to the goals articulation process ensuring the integrated design continues to honor and yield its intentions to accommodate any evolving permaculture site.  Identifying a mint family member.  Square stem, alternate leaves



Healing Roots Design collaborates with others to deliver teaching and educational workshops to the public.  Topics include:  the Tantra of Permaculture, Permaculture Design Course, Salve-making, Seed-starting, and Medicinals for and Ecological Landscape, among many others.  If you have an idea or a site in mind for potential workshops, please share what you know.  We’d like to cross-pollinate with you and love thinking big!

HERBAL CONSULTATIONSNettle harvest drying for tea and winter soups

Keri Evjy merges topics of perennial food systems and edible landscaping with grassroots preventative health-care and herbal medicine, acquiring status as a Certified Clinical Herbalist from the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism and graduating from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine.  She has completed over 700 hours of Herbal Medicine instruction.


Observations during the winter time, reflecting back on the look and feel of a site during the previous spring, summer and fall can be so rich.  Winter is a natural time for taking inventory, visioning strategy in your effort, and creating plans for greater self-reliance and preventative healthcare.  Consultations offered any time of year providing we’re not teaching in Central America!  Please call for an appointment.


Give the gift of local food security and herbal medicine through Healing Roots Design or Healing Roots Herbals!

Healing Roots Design waives mileage for sites visit within a 30 minute drive of N. Asheville and will charge the federal rate for mileage (.50/mile) beyond this distance.

Healing Roots Design carries liability insurance through a local WNC insurance company.

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