Radiant Women Workshop

images-3The Radiant Women’s Toolkit – Cutting Edge tools for Elegant Relationsips and Living our Human Potential

Weekend retreat or evening classes

Through the lens of permaculture and holistic living, we will take a soulful and exploratory journey deep into ourselves to cultivate aliveness and harmonious design in our lives and beyond.

  • Grow and thrive in life’s natural patterns
  • Experience Food as Medicine
  • Practice clear, heartfelt communication skills
  • Strengthen and nourish singing voice, heart, spirit and mind
  • Safely support each-other in our vulnerability and power
  • Speak and hold each-other to a commitment and shared sisterhood

Permaculture Educator, Herbalist and Songcatcher Keri Evjy of Healing Roots Design, will be facilitating the group. A healthful snack and handouts provided for your enrichment.

“I loved this Radiant Women’s gathering because of Keri’s excitement and enthusiasm, intention and vulnerability. It is obvious that she loves the work of reflecting the ideas of permaculture onto the human spirit. She easily created a spacious and safe setting for getting a little deeper into a place of vulnerability, giving each woman an opportunity for movement and lightening. She is very good at facilitating and I especially loved the eye gazing while singing, and her sharing of her musical talent! The gathering was very powerful, and I have noticed in myself a welcome shift already after doing self reflection and intention setting. Thank you so much! You are a gifted space holder, and circle leader and I look forward to being a part of your work!” ~Jorie McCann, Asheville, NC

“I highly enjoyed my time spent with you and the women who decided to show up so authentically for the Radiant Woman Toolkit. The games, permaculture & herbal lectures, and writing exercises were inspiring to me on many levels. I left the class feeling whole and more grounded in my body, aware of subtle emotions and aspects of myself that needed a little bit of work so that I can shine my light with more vibrancy. Thank you for that invitation. In the following week I was confronted with some life altering opportunities and I felt that the workshop gave me the proper tools to see myself fully, empowered and radiant in my own skin.” S.O Asheville, NC.  







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