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What are your interests in embodiment, regenerative lifestyles, healing and connection?  Is there a topic or query that burns at you wanting investigation?

Permaculture educator, herbalist, song-catcher and community revitalist, Keri is on a life path of self-discovery navigating wilderness, community, renewal, connection and embodiment on her own terms. With over 15 years of observing natural patterns through landscape design and guiding young people to ageless learners alike through their inner emotional landscapes, she creates dynamic and nurturing spaces for others to awaken to their deeper desires and source happiness.  

Keri frequently visits Asheville, NC, Denver, CO, and the Northeast U.S. and is available to facilitate song circles, women’s embodiment workshops, regenerative life style design courses.  Be in touch if you have a burning desire!  Keri@healingrootsdesign.com





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